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Outdoor Healthy Fitness and Practices to do During Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Have you been planning to take your health and fitness more seriously?

While many may want to take this pandemic period to binge-watch on Netflix, make Tik Tok videos, learn new cooking skills, eat a lot of junk, we must take with much seriousness the state of our health and fitness.

Physical exercising by itself has been scientifically proven to help with weight loss, reduce the danger of chronic diseases, improve mental health, among other benefits. However, you cannot exercise alone and expect to lose weight without paying attention to your diet, can you?

Therefore, we need to establish a balance between all these health practices. In this article, we’re going to look at some fitness practices and healthy living ideas that you can do during this Coronavirus pandemic.

1.  Running or Jogging.

You’ve been wanting to burn some calories for a long time now? This is a quick way to. It is freely available, you don’t have to buy any equipment or pay for any services. Just put on your sportswear and go for some laps.

It is healthy and advisable to incorporate a decent amount of time in your morning or evening to run or jog whether you are after being a professional athlete, better your physical fitness, or just trying to keep it healthy.

Running and jogging are best known to help with bones and muscles strengthening, burn kilojoules and generally help improve cardiovascular fitness.

A lot of world-class athletes will tell you that when they go back to when they were beginning their training, it wasn’t an easy start. Running calls for a lot of patience and tenacity (you should be able to go to the full length of commitment, do not give up easily.)

2.  Cycling

I don’t know about you, but I love cycling, whether it’s an off-road or stationary bike in my garage as long as it is anything that gives me a nice legs workout.

During this period, many have resorted to trying out stationary bicycles instead of going out of their homes. Which in my opinion is pretty convenient and recommendable.

Some of the health benefits you can get from enjoying cycling at the comfort of your home are; it will increase your cardiovascular fitness, increase your joint mobility and even better your mental health.

3.  Create a small home gym

With the current financial hardships, with many being laid off their jobs, you may want to save up on your gym membership fee by creating yours and your families’ home gym.

You don’t have to go all the way to create a fully equipped and functional gym. It might be just a small room, maybe your garage space or basement. You can start up with some small equipment like rollers, resistance bands, weights, as you progress to others.

In equipping your gym, there are varieties of companies that offer fitness apparatus. You don’t want to settle on any regular company without checking on consumer feedback of their products/services. For the reason that some of these sport equipment stores are not trustworthy, you might purchase products from them but on delivery, they are different from what you expected or made of low-quality material.

4.  Diet Plan

You’re probably already cursing the article, touch on everything else except my diet! Well, you know what, you are not the only one.

Just the thought of restricting ourselves from the food we enjoy isn’t welcoming. However, we should give up on food that is of no healthy addition to our bodies and instead focus on simple healthy eating.

Fast food has been linked to the addition of extra calories which has consequently been associated with respiratory, nervous, reproductive systems’ failure among other health effects.

So, to avoid these you should opt for a healthy diet plan for you and your family to protect you from the underlying dangers. You can come up with a plan which is not too stringent to work with but also not too easy-going to easily fall out from.

It will take a lot of self-control but over time, you will adapt.

5.  Get a personal trainer or enroll in a fitness program.

Some people may find it difficult to follow their own fitness plans. If this is you, then it is time you consider getting yourself a personal trainer or join a fitness program.

It is quite obvious that people perform best when their money is at stake. This is because no one wants to pay someone a lot of money and see the same go to waste. We are more likely to oblige to plans that involve us giving something in exchange. That is human nature.

You are wondering how safe it will be to join a fitness program and it is not logical to wear your mask while working out. Well, there are some companies that offer programs and classes on fitness at the comfort of your home, which is pretty cool especially with the current movement restrictions. One such company you can have a look at is Echelon Fitness.